There was a time I could honestly say I only drank about 4-6 cups of liquid a day.  Liquid being, coffee first thing when I woke, mid morning tea/coffee, perhaps a glass of water in between, a glass of water with dinner and end off with a cup of Decaf at night.  This was my hydration routine. I just wasn't that thirsty.  Sounding familiar? Well this means Low-Grade Dehydration.

In fact by the time you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated!

Christopher Vasey, ND, a Swiss naturopath and author of The Water Prescription (Healing Arts Press, 2006) recons that Low-Grade Dehydration is a chronic, widespread problem. 

Low-Grade Dehydration symptoms for adult dehydration:  Extreme thirst,  Less frequent urination,  Dark-colored urine,  Fatigue,  Dizziness,  Confusion

Add to the list the following anatomical effects, which we probably don't attribute with dehydration:  Premature aging,  Acid-Alkaline imbalance fatigue,  Constipation digestive disorders,  High and low blood pressure,  Gastritis stomach ulcers,  Respiratory troubles,  Excess weight and obesity,  Eczema,  Cholesterol,  Cystitis urinary infections,  Rheumatism,  Headache,  Gout – increased uric acid.

How are you scoring so far? 

Fluid is lost through sweat, tears, vomiting, urine or diarrhoea.  Replacing and exceeding the amount of fluid we loose daily is the answer, but how do we make it count and how much is enough?

Drinking mineralized, antioxidant water and following a keto eating lifestyle is key!

After receiving our Pure Hydration pH under (counter) unit, my family upped our water drinking in a big way.  I'm now conscious of drinking water all day, knowing there is no better replacement.  My daughters just love the taste of the smooth water and probably don't really understand just how smart the water is they are drinking.

It takes a delicate balance of minerals, electrolytes and essential fatty acids to get and keep water where it needs to be — properly hydrating your bloodstream, your tissues and your cells. Eating lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds — ideally from produce grown according to biodynamic farming practices, meaning the farmer is supporting (rather than depleting) nutrients in the soil.  Adding to this, the mindfulness of clean filtered water, (Tap water is not clean!), assisting the kidneys in what they do best and not burdening them with metals, pesticides and chemicals.

Get all these water attributes with your Pure Hydration Unit from hydrate NZ today.

Written by Bronwyn McNeill

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