Can I Use Pure Hydration If I’m Renting?

Our Pure Hydration counter top Ionisers are rental property friendly! Simply attach it to your kitchen sink and it will dispense directly from your countertop unit. No complex setup is required, and they are easy to take when you move. 

What Is The Significance Of Molecular Hydrogen In Water?

Hydrogen is the world’s smallest anti-oxidant. It reduces oxidative stress, acidity, and inflammation while neutralising free radicals within the cell. Hence, it is widely used in athletic performance to facilitate rapid recovery. 

Are There Any Studies on the Benefits of Alkaline Water?

Yes! We have compiled a collection of clinical studies that discuss the benefits of molecular hydrogen and Alkaline water, these can be viewed here. 

Does Alkaline Water Have any Side Effects?

There are no significant health risks associated with alkaline water, unless you have kidney disease. Although there is a small chance that the high pH could irritate your skin or cause an upset stomach, we have not had any customers report these symptoms. 

How Often Must I Replace The Cartridges?

Cartridges 1,2 & 4 are rated at 6 months or 2,272 litres, Cartridge 3 is rated at 3 months or  1,136 litres.

Why Is It Important To Use Your Hydrate Flask?

To maximise the benefits of Alkaline Antioxidant water, we recommend drinking it immediately after dispensing it from your Pure Hydration unit. However,  If you need to take it with you, our vacuum sealed Hydrate Flasks lock in the alkaline antioxidant value of your water longer. 

How Do I Install Your Under Counter Units?

Installation is super easy! Our handy step-by-step instructional video will help guide you through the process.