Many of our customers call us looking for 'Kangen water'. This is something of a misnomer in that Kangen water is the same as Alkaline water, rich in Hydrogen and antioxidants - exactly what our Pure Hydration machine produces. The name 'Kangen water' has just become synonymous with the company that has long produced units in the market, but there are many other water companies producing the same water with their respective Ionizer machines.

It’s a bit like brand names that have turned into words that are part of our everyday vocabulary like fridge (from the US brand Frigidaire) and to hoover the carpet (from Hoover vacuum machines). Or being All Blacked when you are beaten by a heavy margin in rugby (OK - I made that up!).

So, if Kangen water is Alkaline antioxidant water, are there any differences between what is marketed as 'Kangen water' and what other water ionizers dispense, in the market?

Well, let's compare it with our Hydrate NZ - Pure Hydration natural water ionizer

Both are known for:

  • Having a high pH of around 9.5
  • Having amazing antioxidant capabilities (an ORP - Oxidation Reduction Potential of negative 400)
  • High concentration of Molecular hydrogen - around 1.5 parts per million.

 So, is there any other difference?

YES! - Just like Dyson is a superior product to Hoover, Pure Hydration produces a superior Alkaline Antioxidant water:

  1. Kangen water uses electrolysis to ionize the water. Our Pure Hydration units ionize the water naturally. This means no power cables are required and also it does not produce any by-product: just pure Molecular Hydrogen (H2) rich water.
  2. The Molecular Hydrogen content is more stable.  As soon as water is dispensed from a water ionizer, the Hydrogen gas starts escaping. Hydrogen rich water produced by electrolysis loses the Hydrogen content much faster than naturally ionized water.
  3. Price - we will leave that for you to investigate, but the Pure Hydration system from Hydrate NZ is only about 25% of the cost of an electric water ionizer.

Regardless of the possible confusion over the naming of the water, the health benefits on Molecular Hydrogen rich water are indisputable - look to our other blogs and links to research papers on our website (Clinical studies) for more information on this.

Joining the movement to Alkaline antioxidant hydrogen rich water does not need to be complicated or costly. Order your Pure Hydration counter-top or pH-Under unit today without the cost of a brand-named noun.

Written by Duncan McNeill

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