What's In A Name?

Kangen is a brand which has since become synonymous with Alkaline water. This is especially evident in the wide use of the term ‘Kangen Water’, a product which many believe is exclusive to Kangen machines. However, what many refer to as ‘Kangen water’ is actually just antioxidant rich, Alkaline water - exactly what our Pure Hydration all natural Ioniser, and many other Ioniser machines produce.

So, if ‘Kangen Water’ is simply antioxidant rich, Alkaline water, are there any differences between ‘Kangen Water’ and what Pure Hydration dispenses?

Both are known for:

  • Having a high pH of around 9.5
  • Having amazing antioxidant capabilities (an ORP - Oxidation Reduction Potential of negative 400)
  • High concentration of Molecular hydrogen - around 1.5 parts per million.

What Sets Pure Hydration Apart?

It’s Natural

Our Pure Hydration units naturally ionise the water, unlike Kangen water, which uses electrolysis. Therefore, there are no power cables required, and the machine does not produce any by-products: only pure, Molecular Hydrogen (H2) and antioxidant rich water.

It’s More Stable

Pure Hydration water's Molecular Hydrogen content is far more stable than Kangen water. Once the water leaves a water ioniser, the hydrogen gas begins escaping. Electrolysis-produced water loses hydrogen faster than naturally ionised water. Therefore, Pure Hydration water retains Molecular Hydrogen longer than Kangen Water.

It’s More Affordable

Pure Hydration by Hydrate NZ is the only affordable, all-natural water ioniser infused with Active Hydrogen. Our revolutionary machine outperforms Kangen, the best-selling electronic water ioniser on the market - and it’s less than a fifth of the cost!

Experiencing the benefits of Alkaline, antioxidant rich water shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. With Pure Hydration, you pay for the product, not the brand name.

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